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Traveling To Midwest Region

The Midwest will also offer some brilliant displays of color this year, with the best colors from Illinois to Ohio. Trees sprouted a little later this year because of a long and cold winter, but the spring and summer were definitely more cooperative and are the more crucial periods for healthy leaf development.

The weather was favorable in the summer, with near- to below-normal temperatures and sufficient rainfall. The lack of any sustained drought was a strong positive for healthy leaf growth and will contribute to bountiful color this autumn. Temperatures have continued to trend near- to below-normal going into September, with below-normal rainfall in the Upper Midwest and above-normal rainfall farther south. Some early-season frost in the Upper Midwest may prove to be a limiting factor for foliage there.

When to Go: Late September to early October will be the best time to head to the Upper Midwest for some leaf peeping; southern parts of the region will peak toward mid-October.

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Traveling To Midwest Region

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