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Traveling To Western Region

Hot and dry weather from spring through late summer has put the Western region at risk of a humdrum and short fall foliage season. Drought conditions cause dull leaf colors, with many leaves shriveling up and turning brown instead of the bright hues expected this time of year; a hot and dry spring and summer have led to the persistence of drought conditions across nearly all of the West Coast.

Warm weather has continued into early autumn, albeit with more rainfall. Unfortunately for West Coast leaf peepers, hopes for brilliant fall foliage this year were likely squashed with a continued and severe drought.

When to Go: The peak of the season in the Western region typically occurs from mid- to late October. However, this year, many areas may peak closer to mid-October because of drought and a hot summer. For the foliage in the Rockies, plan a trip a little bit earlier in October or even early September for the highest elevations.

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Traveling To Western Region

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