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Traveling To Northeast Region

The Northeast boasts some of the most breathtaking fall foliage displays around, and this will be an excellent year to catch a glimpse of the deciduous forests’ brilliant leaf colors. Favorable weather from mid-spring through summer in much of the Northeast set the stage for healthy tree growth, with a seasonable and wet mid- to late spring and a mild summer. As summer waned, warm days and cool nights became the predominant weather pattern in the Northeast, along with below-normal rainfall. This weather pattern is conducive to a burst of dazzling leaf color. The best fall foliage in the Northeast will extend from New York state down through the Appalachians, including most of Pennsylvania and northwestern sections of New Jersey, but just about everywhere in the Northeast will have a decent show of colors this year.

When to Go: To catch the dazzling splash of color in the Northeast, the best time to visit is late September for higher elevations and areas farther north (northern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York), while lower elevations and locations to the south will be best viewed in early October.

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Traveling To Northeast Region

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